Re: The Glorantha Digest V7 #484

From: Lowell A Francis (
Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 14:02:52 EET

 "Alexandre Lanciani" <> writes:
> IMO there are many Humakti in the Provincial Army.

This brings up an interesting question for me, at least for day to day
play in the campaign world: what are the typical cult distributions among
the Lunar Army. I recognize that this will vary from area to area, but
how much can we expect to see Dara Happan (Yelmalio vs. Polaris vs.
Shargash), how much Carmanian (???), how much "straight" Lunar (YT vs.
YA). I understand that there has been a shifting of emphasis from the
Shargashi War College to the Polaris (I think that's mentioned in the
Enclosure). I have to agree also that I've always thought of Humakti as
the "generic" war-god, given his original presentation in Cults of Prax.
However, more recent discussions about Humakti mysticism and the
presentation of Humakt in KoDP makes me wonder about this.
In terms of actual troops, how many are devoted to a specific war-god or
is entry into one of those cults a fairly difficult or rare thing? I have

a hard time imagining levies taking up those rites and rituals, given
that they have to return to their old life path later. The Seven Mothers
is described as a "missionary" cult with central importance on the

borderlands, so why is his cult usually presented as central to the whole
of the military? (I may be misreading that). Should we take the
presentation of cults in Tarsh War as typically of the Lunar Army as a
whole, or is it specific to forces in that region at that time?

- -Lowell A Francis
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