From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 16:20:05 EET

> As I read it: Argrath was hiding in Pavis under multiple disguises.
>As a
>tavern minstrel, he went by the name Enostar(sp?), and as a sword master
>at the Humakt temple, he went under the name Garrath Sharpsword (notice
>the anagram: gARrath = ARgrath). When he was wandering with the Bison
>riders as a ground man, he founded the Brotherhood of the White Bull under
>his real name of Argrath. All of these people were known for disappearing
>for weeks at a time and no one connected the identities.

        I'm fairly sure that at several points (such as the fall of Pavis)
he has to be two places at once. For example Argrath of Pavis basically
only starts his career as a rebel at about the same point when Garrath
Sharpsword leaves, so while Argrath of Pavis is doing his thing, Garrath
Sharpsword is floating around the known world.
        Also, they are clearly distinguished in many ways (such as
different lineages, different abilities).
        I think the more than one Argrath theory stands up better.


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