Troll metaphysics

Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 16:30:01 EET

Keith N :

>'Physical' and 'material' are not opposites of 'magical' in this context. I
>would change the emphasis of Uz experience to the phenomenal world -if they
>can see it, smell it, hear it, eat it then it matters - if not then it
>doesn't. In this sense they are not mystics (who think that stuff you can
>see, hear, smell, feel, eat, doesn't matter).

You can't see, smell, hear or eat most sorts of spirits, yet Trolls are
adept at dealing with them. Their shamans are experts at navigating
and utilising forces from the otherworld. In the animist world view,
every phenomenon has a spiritual as well as material component and
Trolls are animists, not materialists. To trolls Fear, Hunger, Love
and Pleasure are very real personalised forces, but they are certainly

not material in a physical sense. A troll that starves to death didn't
merely die, it was _killed_ by hunger, which is an enemy to be fought
and defeated.

They are certainly not materialists in the sense that sorcerers are
materialists, which seems to be what you mean.

bjm10 :

>You humans are stupid! You say we are not mystical because we are so
>physical. Only humans would be so stupid to think that there is a
>difference! You are stupid and you don't even taste very good!


Simon Hibbs


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