Complicated Glorantha

Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 18:17:52 EET

Andreas writes:
<<Here Glorantha IMHO can play out one of its greatest advantages:
It is a world, that has been developed, played in and discussed about
for a long time, and it has now a new start to get rid of old inconsistencies

and detected mistakes (no insults intended). New players, which hopefully
should be attracted by HW, can then profit from a consistent background.>>

This is reasonable except that one man's "inconsistency" or "mistake" is
another's "established fact which proves that previous explanations are
too simplistic to fully describe what is occurring".

I am in two minds as to whether Glorantha's complexity is a good thing
or a bad thing from the point of view of newcomers brought in by HW.
It's a long time since I first began (1982) but I do recall that at first I was
more excited about Runequest as a system and the kind of role-playing
it seemed to encourage (as opposed to D&D and T&T) than I was about
Glorantha. Will Hero Wars have a similar effect on today's neophytes?

Richard Crawley


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