MGF Argrath

Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 18:26:47 EET

>The MGF Argrath is "any guy who happened to get the title of liberator
>during the Hero Wars".

Agreed! This also was the approach Robin Laws took and Greg too, in the
Sartar stuff first written for HW. The many Argraths in there were the
source for my Gwandor campaign which is led by Argrath Dragonfriend. So far
there is Argrath Maniskisson, Whitebull, Sharpsword and Kallyr is also an
Argrath. Who knows who else will appear. For the story of the many Argraths
meeting (and squabbling) at Bullford, you can read the Gwandor saga on
Wesleys site. I believe my quote at the time was - "I'm Argrath and so is my

>Why is this MGF? It means that the players have a chance of playing
>"Argrath" rather than just being anonymous and forgotten flunkies for the
>"true" Argrath.

Precisely and I think this is what Greg was aiming for. He even told me that
on the phone last year, that this was part of the HW concept.

Martin Laurie


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