Lunar Humakti

Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 18:34:35 EET

Alex (of Italian Ilk):
> IMG the Humakti are quite detached from such mundane affairs as politics
>(so much detached that they get the personality trait as part of their
>keyword). They are honorable mercenaries who fight for anyone who can pay
>them as long as they can spread the *Noble* Death. And then use the money
>they make to go crusading against the Undead.

That is very similar to the Onslaught view of the faith, though IMO its not
for all Humakti, certainly not clan or tribal ones.

> IMO there are many Humakti in the Provincial Army.

Yes there are! Also in the Imperial army, though the caveat to that is that
they are moslty Carmanian Humakti. SGU will have the Carmanian form of the

death god in it and he is somewhat different to the Heortling form. He is a
Killer god who does the holy work of killing for Idovanus. He is the "good"
Darkness that is used to destroy the Lie in all its forms with cold violence
and death.

In the Gwandor campaign, the Humakti temple at Death Hollow was taken over by
a Carmanian Humakti (called Artamesh of Spol) who killed their high priest
and placed his own men in charge.

Martin Laurie


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