Disobedience Rule-One-wise ; plus RQ Low Magic

From: Julian Lord (julianlord@yahoo.fr)
Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 19:17:02 EET

Keith Nellist :

> 'Physical' and 'material' are not opposites of
> 'magical' in this context. I would change the
> emphasis of Uz experience to the phenomenal world
> -if they can see it, smell it, hear it, eat it then
> it matters - if not then it doesn't. In this sense
> they are not mystics (who think that stuff you can
> see, hear, smell, feel, eat, doesn't matter).

Eggs Actly !!


bjm :

> Therefore, if I'm reading the signs aright, were one
> to do a Gloranthan adaptation using "A Different
> System", what the legacy model of RuneQuest ended up
> calling "spirit magic" would actually be better
> modeled as "low powered magic" of whatever ilk.

Yes. I believe that a late trend among people who are
writing Official (or Semi-Official) HW material but
still love to roll D100s when no-one's looking (among
others), is that there is a Low Magic / High Magic
dichotomy in most magic Traditions.

> To reflect the innate inefficiency of "mixing",
> perhaps characters might be required to "double up"
> on "redundant" magics.


In this heresy, Low Magic would resemble RQ Spirit
Magic, but : magical procedures to bring this magic
into being would resemble those of the High Magic of
the local Tradition.

So, there would be Low Sorcery, which had effects
similar to those of RQ Spirit Magic (but some spells
wouldn't be available), but the peasants would have
them as spell skills, using Sandy's rules frex.
and have difficulty Manipulating them (although the
cleverest peasants probably *could*.


There wouldn't be any 'redundant' magics under this
scheme. Instead, you'd have complementary spell
lists/keywords for Low and High magics in a single
Tradition (but Low Magic would be usually be much the
same in all of them).

Such ideas can easily be turned into house rules for
both RQ and HW, if that's how you want your Glorantha.

For HW, you just write up Low Magic keywords for your
campaign, frinstance.

Julian Lord

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