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Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 20:17:23 EET

> Therefore, if I'm reading the signs aright, were
> one to do a Gloranthan adaptation using "A Different
> System", what the legacy model of RuneQuest ended
> up calling "spirit magic" would actually be better
> modeled as "low powered magic" of whatever ilk.
        I have gotten the impression that HW lists heroic feats, but spells are
averaged into the skill ranking. All sorcerous, divine and spirit spells
would end up being treated as skill adds or augments when a character is
converted. Detail is sacrificed for convenience and speed.


>> what is the southern boundary of the Grazelands. I've
>> seen conflicting evidence in Trollpak and the Holy
>> Country Map as to whether it goes down as far as the
>> Building Wall (the other side of Runnel River).
>> And how close does it get to the Shadow Plateau?

        IMO the Beast Valley stands between Grazelands and the Building Wall
though the western plains of this area are certainly open to Grazelander
use as token centaurs.


>But I fail to see Garrath's connection with the Humakt temple
>given that in Bituarian Varosh's narrative and in a rules
>example, Argrath is an Orlanthi priest rather than a Humakti.
>- --Peter Metcalfe
        I believe that the Pavis module lists an Orlanthi priest named Garrath

Sharpsword as one of the instructors in the Humakt temple. IIRC Krogar
Wolfhelm also teaches there occasionally. With all of the adventurers
trying to pillage the Rubble, the sword temple seems to have more business
than the priests can handle, so they allow other masters access to the
training grounds.

Bob Stancliff


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