Lunar Army Cults

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Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 22:22:08 EET

Lowell Francis asks:

> Should we take the presentation of cults in Tarsh War as typically of
> the Lunar Army as a whole, or is it specific to forces in that region
> at that time?

It is specific to those forces. However, any Lunar force should be commanded
by Yanafali officers.

The regiments of a Lunar force can and should come from a variety of
traditions; they are unified through the leadership powers of Yanafal
Tarnils. The Lunar Army contains professional long-serving troops in its
Heartland Corps, and these can have well-established regimental cults and
traditions -- see the Granite Phalanx cult writeup in Tales #12 for an
example. Provincial Militias and the like are more likely to be a
hotch-potch of Lay Members, Seven Mothers zealots, and what-have-you. And
allied troops (like the Char-Un) most likely worship their ethnic war-gods
and culture-heroes, not formal "regimental cults" as such.

For much more on this, see Tales #17 for the Yanafal Tarnils cult writeup
and a couple more Lunar regiments.

Humakti are rare in Lunar forces because Yanafal Tarnils largely takes his
place. Humakti and Yanafali seldom mix, though they often mix it up. If you
see what I mean.

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