Uz metaphysics

From: Julian Lord (
Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 23:45:09 EET

Simon Hibbs :

> You can't see, smell, hear or eat most sorts of
> spirits, yet Trolls are adept at dealing with them.
> Their shamans are experts at navigating and
> forces from the otherworld. In the animist world
> view, every phenomenon has a spiritual as well as
> material component and Trolls are animists, not
> materialists.

But the Uz make NO distinction between Physics and
Metaphysics, as Keith implies.

> To trolls Fear, Hunger, Love and Pleasure are very
> real personalised forces, but they are certainly
> not material in a physical sense.

But they *are* Manifest.
Id est : they *are* phenomena.

I think that Keith is right, in a very deep and subtle

The Uz apprehend reality as Substance.

This would imply that a human Matter/Spirit dichotomy
would be intimately meaningless to a troll ; and to
discuss Uz Magic according to any RW cultural a priori
would be to distort their beliefs far beyond the
apparent simplicity (but actually complex
synaesthesis) of Uz philosophy.

Julian Lord

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