Re: Spirit Magic in HW

Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 01:34:18 EET

Bob Stancliff:

<< I have got the impression that HW lists heroic feats, but spells are
averaged into the skill ranking. All sorcerous, divine and spirit spells
would end up being treated as skill adds or augments when a character is
converted. Detail is sacrificed for convenience and speed.>>
     Its true that the primary function of spells in HW is to augment or
replace skill rolls (depending on what you're trying to do), but spells still
exist in all three traditions. Only the sorcerous ones are actually called
'spells', but divine feats, spirit talents and mystic
powers all fill a similar function to spells in RQ. Divine feats are not
necessarily 'heroic', because it depends what level of ability you have.
    For example, Ernalda has (among many others) the feats of Cure Minor
Disease, Heal Injury and Speak to Domestic Beast. Those sound an awful lot
like divine and spirit magic spells to me. Heal Injury for instance, could
vary from the equivalent of Heal 1 to Heal Wound backed with 10 magic points,
depending on its TN.

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