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Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 02:02:03 EET

Richard Crawley wrote

>I am in two minds as to whether Glorantha's complexity is a good thing
>or a bad thing from the point of view of newcomers brought in by HW.
>It's a long time since I first began (1982) but I do recall that at
>first I was
>more excited about Runequest as a system and the kind of role-playing
>it seemed to encourage (as opposed to D&D and T&T) than I was about

>Glorantha. Will Hero Wars have a similar effect on today's neophytes?

Anecdotal evidence: we've been told by a couple King of Dragon Pass
players that they knew nothing about Glorantha before buying KoDP,
but are now interested in it.

Peter Metcalfe asked

>So where are the Reptile Hsunchen today?

It's pretty likely they are no more. The possibilities are:

They all became draconic (I think this is your proposal, but it
doesn't seem likely for an entire culture)

They are no longer hsunchen, i.e. they adopted Councilic ways and are
now Orlanthi (most likely to happen to an entire culture)

They were all wiped out by Alakoring Dragonbreaker

I don't think there's any evidence for any particular one (and in
fact all three could be true to a a greater or lesser degree).

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