Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 02:50:06 EET

>YELM *Emperors names*
>The cult of nobles who are not Emperor (only the Emperor worships Antirius

Peter comments:
>I thought only the Emperor and his family worships Yelm (in his
>aspect as Great God) directly and that Antirius protects the
>Emperor personally.

The nobility worship Yelm, through an Emperor whom they revere. The Emperor
is singular in that he alone worships Antirius as only he is pure enough.

>Antirius is listed as an aspect of Yelm
>in the HW Dara Happan keywords and even commoners used to worship
>Antirius according to the Fortunate Succession.

Ah, yes commoners do worship Antirius, _especially_ at the prodding of
Avivath, but when I raised this point with Greg after he gregged our Antirius
write up, he said that Avivath was raising commoners worship to increase
Antirius so that a true Emperor may be found. In other words, the commoners
were lay members, not devotees and the mass of their worship eventually led
to the Glorious ReAscent of Yelm - the enthronement of Khordavu. Greg said
that this was the point of all of those Avivath killing false Emperor woes
and that Antirius can only be worshipped by a true Emperor.

Nobles of Yelm are still descended of Yelm, but via a dynasty, which is of
His blood and it is the dynasty they worship because no-one worships the
Great God directly.

Bear in mind that some of this could change by the time we've finished the
cults section and had final approval but that is the crux of it.

Martin Laurie


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