Prax name

From: Gian Gero (
Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 10:07:49 EET

Thanks to all.

The Plains of Prax, eh?
I suppose that, in a few centuries of wading through the libraries of
Europe, I could have well discovered it, all by myself.
But thank you for helping me spare a little amount of centuries...

Greg Stafford, you are a ^*0g'- man
and your choice of names is a real #%$&*+ thing!

OK, now I feel better.

So, is there _no_ mythical Gloranthan reason for the name itself?
What about something like "Prax was the name of the wife of Genert?" (or the
family name of the dog of his father-in-law's cousin, for those who prefer
this kind of things...)?

None ever tried such a mundane attempt, among you? To justify
"P R A X"
apart from the lullaby source? I am curious to know.


P.s. Thanks bjm, your party of tough adventurers is really twisted... And me
thought that your worst creation was Killfeather Deathdrake... :-)
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