From: David Cake (
Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 11:23:30 EET

>>I don't think that the Uz are mystics per-se, but there are definately
>>mystical aspects to some of thier practices. frex, I would guess that
>>Rulz-Wise in HW that Suberes "Attack Soul" power would be a mystic strike,
>>as well as some of their anti-chaos powers.

        While I am not going to say this interpretation is wrong, I must
say it very different to mine.
        Mystic strikes are very fast, powerful, 'all or nothing' powers,
with particularly devastating aftereffects. Attack Soul, on the other hand,
is really just ranged spirit combat, and is a slow, gradual attack that
actually does NOT have particularly devastating consequences.

        I think Attack Soul is actually a pretty standard Hero Wars attack,
about as close to a generic HW magic attack as you can get almost, and
would be fine as a theist feat (though I think Subere tends to be pretty
animist, and it would be a reasonable animist ability too).

        I do think Subere is a deity with a mystic secret, but I don't
think its attack soul.

        But hey, don't worry if you don't understand how mysticism works in
Glorantha and Hero Wars. I don't think any of us do, even Greg, and some of
us have been putting in quite a bit of effort.


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