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From: Alexandre Lanciani (
Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 11:36:05 EET


> > IMO there are many Humakti in the Provincial Army.

[Martin Laurie (who knows the Immediate Reply in Lunar Threads Feat)]

> Yes there are! Also in the Imperial army, though the caveat to
> that is that they are mostly Carmanian Humakti.

        But IMO in the Provincial Army there are a lot of "normal" Humakti. Young
warriors from, say, Talastar or Tarsh who abandoned their clan, became
mercenaries, devoted to Humakt and joined the greatest army in the world to
visit strange places, meet exotic people... And exterminate them! ;)

        Joking aside, I think that one of the "evil" influences of the Empire over
young Orlanthi is that it draws them away from their family and clan. They
have a chance to travel the world, to be part of something bigger than their
stead: the elder's traditions against the restlessness of youth. HW-wise,
the essay that describes them would read: "... They renounced their clan as
Humakt renounced his, so that the other clansmen would not be held
responsible for what they did afterward." and, as an additional trait, they

would lose the relationship with the clan, perhaps turning it into a
personality trait. Of course they would favor the war aspect of Humakt over
the death aspect. Maybe they don't even believe that Humakt reconciled with
Orlanth, or that he is Orlanth's fifth weapon.

        But maybe I'm pushing it too far... Take all of the above as a morning
ramble driven by an all-too-short sleep, please!

        A sleeping Alex.


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