Ye Booke of Tentacles

From: Ingo Tschinke (
Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 15:40:29 EET


There are still some Books of "Ye Booke of Tentacles" # 2 available.

The book is full of Gloranthan Gold with Stories from Greg Stafford, Nick
Brooke, Michael O'Brien, Stephen Martin, Shannon Apple etc. etc.

The content of this full coulered book is for example:
- - The Culbrea Tribe
- - How Elaml married Orlanth's daughter
- - Amad Folktales
- - The wolf pirates
- - Deities and major Spirits of the Grazer
- - The great temple of Rufdayen, Raibanth
etc. etc.

The price worlwide is 8 UKP, US$ 13, EUR 14

If you don't have this booke in your glorantha collection, don't miss it. Send a
cheque to: RuneQuest Gesellschaft, c/o Ingo Tschinke, Schevemoorer Landstr. 33,
28325 Bremen



Chaos Society headman and editor of Tradetalk


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