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Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 15:40:30 EET

Hi friends

after some time we are starting anew with Tradetalk. # 6 will arise in April and
# 7 in June.

Tradetalk # 6 is a mixed Holy country and east Ralios issue. The exact content
Kingdom of Night part 3 - from Shannon Appel
Heortland - from Joerg Baumgartner
Cult of Lanbril - from Stephen Martin
Thief Cults of Kethaela and Kerofinela - from Stephen Martin
Alchemy Rules for RQ - from Stephen Martin
Lanbril in Pavis - from Stephen Martin
Uron - from Andre Jarosch
The Tower of Xud - from Jose Ramos
Aeolian Church - from Joerg Baumgartner
Istakax - from Jonas Schioett (east wilds)
The Godess' Grain - from Jonas Schioett (east wilds)
Osentalka`s seventh temple - from Jonas Schioett (east wilds)
Elric! Adventures in Bakshaan - from Shannon Appel

Tradetalk # 7 is a issue about the non-human races of the Dragon pass. It
content will be so far:
The wasp riders - from Andre Jarosch, Martin Hawley, Simon Bray
The Ducks - from Sergio Mascarenas
Ducks - from Andre Jarosch
How I Kill Undead - from Simon E. Phipp
The Upland Marsh - from Simon E. Phipp
a journal fragment (ducks) - from Michael Cule
The Wolfbrother's bond - from Thomas Gottschall
What My Father Told Me: A World View of Ducks - from Vesa Lethinen
Delecti our saviour - from Simon E. Phipp
Quack! Glub, glub - from Simon E. Phipp
How Dog and Wolf became enemies - from Thomas Gottschall
Spears of the Telmori - from Thomas Gottschall
The Magic of the Wolfpeople - from Thomas Gottschall
Rituals 1 - from Stephen Martin
Into the Dragonland - from Joerg Baumgartner, Helge Reuter and Ingo
CoC - Denizens of the Depths - from Shannon Appel

Tradetalk # 2 to 5 are still available.

If you want a subscribtion, write to: RuneQuest Gesellschaft, c/o Ingo Tschinke,
Schevemoorer Landstr. 33, 28325 Bremen

You can get a subscription for US$ 21, 14 UKP or 23 EUR worldwide. Send me a
cheque or an email and you will get this fantastic glorantha material soon.



Chaos Society headman and editor of Tradetalk


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