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Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 20:03:43 EET

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The Glorantha Digest wrote:

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> Two that are missing are Waha and Storm Bull (Storm Buck?),
> as worshiped by the Antelope Lancers from the Hungry Plateau.

After a 1,000 years on the plateau, a long long way from Prax and Waha's domain I do
not believe that the Sable Riders still venerate Waha or Storm Bull.

The EWF hired a mercenary band of Sables to go to Peloria and fight Pentans. I do not
see many Storm Bulls going that far away from their holy sites and the fight against
chaos. When the contract expired many of the riders returned to Prax and I think
most of the Storm Bulls that did go would have returned. ergo very few SB in Peloria.

Waha is a spirit that lives in the wastes. I think that it would have been difficult
to contact him from the plateau.

I think that they venerate the founder of their new nation. Ancestor worship. They
may still think of themselves as Waha's people and may call their founder Wahasson or
some such thing but the Praxians would not recognise these gents.

Of course, as always, Your Glorantha Will Vary.

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