Uz & Attack Soul

Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 20:04:46 EET

Phil says :

>>This would imply that a human Matter/Spirit dichotomy
>>would be intimately meaningless to a troll ;
>I wouldn't be surprised if there was an Uz "Spirit Eating Ritual".

Quite. If they need a ritual for it, then there clearly is a
difference between spiritual entities and material entities.

I understand the point being made, that Trolls believe that
spirits are real things. I think they do recognise a
distinct difference between spiritual and material entities.

I just wonder whether this 'materialism' of trolls is
significantly differrent from that of human animists.

David Cake :

> I think Attack Soul is actually a pretty standard Hero Wars attack,
>about as close to a generic HW magic attack as you can get almost, and
>would be fine as a theist feat (though I think Subere tends to be pretty
>animist, and it would be a reasonable animist ability too).

This is one thing that I worry about with Hero Wars. To my mind there is
a clear difference between spiritual, magical and physical combat in
Glorantha. Using a physical combat skill to defend against a spirit
combat attack should be about as much use as trying to defend with your
Cooking skill - i.e. not much. Attack Soul is a devastating tool in the
right hands. Imagine what an experienced shaman character
generated using Sandy's shamanism rules, or the RQ4 spirit combat
system could do with it! Even in vanila RQ3, if one of my top-end
shaman characters ever got hold of it, be afraid - be very afraid.

I don't think Attack Soul should be a general theist feat, or animist
ability, any more than the invisibility magics of the Blue Moon should
be generaly available abilities. An animist shaman subject to an Attack
Soul assault should be shocked, and horrified that such a thing is even
possible. He's being spiritualy attacked, but not through the spirit
world. This is contrary to everything he knows. It's a secret power.

Simon Hibbs


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