RE: Attack Soul

From: Dan McCluskey (
Date: Fri 24 Mar 2000 - 21:21:43 EET

Um, David Cake is right... "Attack Soul" and Subere's conjectured Mystic
attack should be different things. I just kinda had a brain fart on the

So, really, her "attack soul" ability is >ahem< "just" an attack that can
only be defended against spiritually. Not a mystical strike.

She should still have a strike tho... what about a "fearshock" ability? it
seems like a sort of mystical denial of lightness and warmth. It would work
for Shades as well... if you arn't terrified by their darkness, they would
loose much of their power over you. The lune "madness" attacks also seem
like a good mystical ability (TTrotsky -- any "official" position on that?)



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