Rare and marvelous to behold?

From: TTrotsky@aol.com
Date: Sat 25 Mar 2000 - 00:50:32 EET

Bob Stancliff:

<< >But what if one is playing a game wherein a single W is truly rare
>and marvelous to behold?
    You would have to be playing the equivalent of beginners RQ not to have
any masteries on the battlefield. >>

     That rather depends on your definition of 'beginners' RQ. Certainly in
none of the games I've run or played have PCs tended to exceed 100% in their
base skills, and I wouldn't see anything unusual in that. Having said which:

<< Any RQ skill can convert to HW at about 4:1 or 5:1 so >>

     I think 4:1 is far closer to the mark, since a character with 1W is
clearly not intended to be equivalent to a RQ rune lord.

<< If you use the 4:1 conversion, mastery (1W) is achieved at 84% and 1WW
equates to 164%, a value that is very reachable in RQ with spells.>>

     With spells, perhaps (though it depends on your campaign) but I assume
that when somebody talks about a character with a mastery in combat (or
healing, etc.) they mean in the actual relevant skill, without augmentation
from spells.
     So a campaign where a PC having a mastery is a truly remarkable thing
would have to be pretty low level IMO, but not beyond the bounds of
plausibility. If famous NPCs rarely have masteries, though, you'd definitely
have to change the stats provided in supplements - a number of mundane
creatures in Anaxial's Record have a mastery in their best ability, for
instance, which wouldn't make much sense if a clan's best warriors usually

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