Mystical Madness

Date: Sat 25 Mar 2000 - 00:50:33 EET

Dan McClusky:

<< The lune "madness" attacks also seem like a good mystical ability
(TTrotsky -- any "official" position on that?)>>

      The stats for lunes treat this ability as a talent - i.e. a magical
thing that the being can do, not a spell in the normal sense. So it doesn't
use the rules for mystical strikes, regardless of what its actual origin may
be, because its just a creature's ability.
       My own thought, though, is that a lune is essentially a spirit, just
like any other elemental, so if their ability is anything, its an animist
one. OTOH, Jakaleel cultists, frex, may have some mystical ability that's
very similar to what lunes can do.

       Readers may be interested to know that the first draft of Anaxial's
Record has been completed. Inevitably, there will now be revisions and
corrections, plus we have to wait for the artwork to be done, etc. etc. But
things are looking good.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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