Garhound Contest

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G'day all,

Garhound Contest

Andreas Mueller:
>My apologies to any of the writers of the scenario if they feel hurt by
>my questions.

Not at all! It's great to see it's still got legs after all this time and
that people (ie. Roger McCarthy) are still getting new plot twists out of it!

>Melisandes Hand is a very good scenario; this is attested
>by the great number of campaigns it has been integrated into.

It (or rather "The Garhound Contest" part) was deliberately written so it
could played more than once...

>IMO it is better to see Scenarios published and then any errors can be
>by the GM himself (if they are obvious) or by discussion with other GMs.

Couldn't agree with you more!

>Reffering to the latter, it would be great, if errors detected and
>suggestions discussed on the Digest would enhance the superior quality
>of another print run of Sun County to "not seen before in any other
>RPG"- quality in the course of HW (If something like this is planned).

I think you'll be waiting a very long time before HW visits the Sun Dome
temple. I am the first to admit "Sun County" is riddled with errors and

inconsistencies (not the least of which was Stafford's own attempt to
seemingly retcon the whole Yelmalio cult out of existence just as the book
was published, and only a few months after he apparently approved the whole

My Glorantha Page features the Sun County errata (mostly fixing up typos
and what not), and Nick Brooke has an elegant resolution of the whole
Yelmalio/Elmal thang on his.



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