Yelmies in Prax/Argrath son of Argrath....

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G'day all,

Yelmies in Prax

Nick sez, sensibly, on whether Yelm cultists would take part in the
Garhound Contest:
>If one turned up in Prax, I'm sure he could talk his way into it. It's a
>shot, though. (Besides, if you were descended from the ever-living Sun God
>Emperor of Dara Happa, would you *want* to participate in a barbarian
>fertility ritual on the fringes of the Wastes?)

Precisely. A Yelmic PC might want to do it, for whatever perverse sorts of
reasons PCs come up with, but I doubt if any of the tiny minority of Yelm
worshippers in Sun County would ever stoop so low. As Trotsky said:

>Apparently, they're mostly Lunar expatriates, who've presumably been Rather
>Naughty at some point, or they wouldn't be out in the arse-end of nowhere.

I think they have similar status to Duke Raus: their status affords them
respect local society, but they can never return home.

Argrath son of Argrath....

Sensational Roger!

You're right that my line about Garrath/Argrath winning the contest in 1603
was just a glib throwaway, but once again, we have an example where things
just seem to slot in nicely!

>Now almost by definition the winners of a Gloranthan fertility contest
>SHOULD themselves produce offspring (and probably rather special offsping
>blessed by Ernalda and her consort-deity at that)and if it did the resulting
>child would have been born in 1604 or early 1605.

Fortunately for Roger's theory, unions consummated on the high holy day
always produce offspring - often twins - and such children are blessed by
Ernalda (p.68). The worthier the Victorious Suitor, the greater the
Ernalda's bounty in the following year, and the example given is in fact
the marvellous harvest in 1604 following Garrath's win. So it seems
virtually certain that Garrath and wife produced a child, possibly even
twins (what does that do to the plot I wonder?)

>Anyway this strikes me as a relatively simple and elegant solution and if
>nothing else at least it does obey the principle of Ockham's razor (entities
>- - or in this case Argrath's - are not be multiplied beyond necessity)....

Well done!


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