Horses and Garhound

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Horses and Garhound

Bob Stancliff:

> Sun County has probably started using horses again since New Pavis was
> though they are probably reserved for the military elite troops at the
> Remember that Yelmalioans can learn Kuschille Horse Archery if they have
> access to horses. They would want this to happen.

After their horses were exterminated during the Solitude of Testing, the
Sun Domers adapted to their fate on foot. As Nick suggested, they still

revered the animals, even though they probably only had a mangy 500 year
old stuffed model to look and wonder at. Yelmalio still kept dishing out
the various "horsey" gifts and geases, but for a long while, the Count had
to make do with burly neighing templars pulling his ceremonial chariot
dressed up in old horse skins (dare I suggest it, did grooms follow behind
making clip-clop sounds with coconut shells?)

Naturally conservative, the Sun Domers feel their tactics on foot have
withstood the test of time, and have yet to switch back to using horses
en-masse again, even though the Lunar peace has made this possible. While
the Count now does have a fine team of white horses to pull his chariot in
processions, only the Light Son Rogar has begun experimenting with mounted
tactics again (SC, p.43).


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