Melisande's Hand Questions

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G'day all,

Melisande's Hand Questions

Andreas Mueller asks some questions about the scenario:

>In all maps is Garhound north of White Rock River, in Jaxarte Whydeds (?)
Journal it is
>mentioned as being situated at the frontier to Sun County. In the map of
Garhound, the
>reverse is true.

Bob Stancliff:
>>It is true that there are some weird mistakes and oversights.

For which I apologise - some are fixed up in the Sun County errata,
available at my Glorantha Page.

>>Garhound should certainly be north of the river or it would be in Sun
>>The best solution is to turn the map over and reverse the North arrow. Make
>>sure the river still flows to the Zola Fel.

This is correct: the Garhound lands are bounded by the Zola Fel river to
the west, not the east.

>Also tells Jaxarte Whydeds (?) Journal that Garhound is located at a ford
over the
>White Rock River, the Garhound-Map shows a bridge.

Bob Stancliff:
>>The guy who wrote the Jaxarte story might not be the one who wrote
>>'Melisand's hand', so errors like this happen.

Actually, he was (ie. me). The problem here was the guy who drew the map
(the infamous Mr Dobyski, no less) may not have actually read either...
But Bob's suggestions (that the bridge is a new one, or could have been
destroyed by nomads) are good ones. It may have also been washed away in
unseasonal floods. Then again, if you look at Mr Dobyski's map on the
inside front cover, Garhound appears to be a good 1km from the White Rock
Rover anyway, so maybe there is a bridge across a minor, unmarked stream
just out of town and the ford across to Sun County is further down the road.

>The number of Temples/Shrines seems a bit high for me (concerning the
town-size of 866
>people and the rules in RQ)

Garhound is a major regional centre of Pavis County, and many more people
from outlying settlements and farms would come here to worship. Note that
the Lightbringer temple also includes a shrine to Odayla, the Hunter god of
the Orlanth pantheon; the hunter shrine at the Praxian cult site actually
honours their own hunter god, Foundchild. The Solar Temple has major
shrines to Yelmalio and Ernalda, not Eiritha.

>Why are the riding animals horses (Yes, I know Pol Joni and that, but a
frontier town
>to the wastes should better think twice about using horses)

Horses returned to the Cradle Valley with Duke Dorasor in 1575.
Maintaining them in the face of nomad opposition has been easier since the
Lunar Conquest, but all the Sartarite settlers are smart enough to keep
their precious animals within the relative safety of the river valley and
would seldom take them onto the plaines.

While horse racing is a fine old Orlanthi custom from the old country (ie.
Sartar), actually stipulating that contestants must ride *horses* has been
a good way of keeping Praxian riff-raff out of the Garhound Contest.

>Why should Stikklebrix, the Pol Joni brave, not care about wounding
horses? After all,
>horses are the animals of his tribe.

Because he's a Storm Bully, the bastard!

Hope you have fun playing the scenario: tell me who wins!


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