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Richard Develyn:
>One more question, what is the southern boundary of the Grazelands. I've
>seen conflicting evidence in Trollpak and the Holy Country Map as to whether
>it goes down as far as the Building Wall (the other side of Runnel River).
>And how close does it get to the Shadow Plateau?

I had a think about some of this in my scenario "Beyond the Building Wall"
(Tales #13). There, I suggested that while the boundary between Beast
Valley and the Holy Country is historically marked by the Stone Cross,
following the Building Wall Battle, the Pharaoh chose to consolidate his
forces behind the natural border his ritual created. The territory beyond
was left to fend for itself (which forms the setting of the adventure!).
Grazers have taken to grazing along both sides of the Runnel River and even
as far south as within sight of the Building Wall in summer.


Thomas Gottschall:
>going just through my archives I found something which might shed
>some more light - not really - on the connection between Agrath, the
>Telmori and Kallyr. It's one of my all time favourites.

Just so you know, Mike Cule's Wolfrunner's Song was also published in
print, in Questlines II, along with a reasonably inappropriate pic of a
chick in triple-racked trolly armour by Mark Baldwin.


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