Re: Hero Wars Questions

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson (
Date: Sun 26 Mar 2000 - 00:15:50 EET


> I wouldn't ask this if it didn't appear that we are going to have to wait
> another month or so before we can buy Hero Wars in the shops but even
> the clarifications posted a few digests back I'm still puzzled at several
> points by the rules summary at (which even with the
> generation rules still isn't really detailed enough to be a playable Hero
> Wars Lite - which is a shame as this appears to be an effective way to get
> people interested enough to buy the full game - or at least it seems to
> for GURPS)

The HW rules list is set up to answer questions like this, so that *this*
list can work on specificly Gloranthan (as opposed to rules) questions.
If you want to come over to the HW rules list (To subscribe, send a blank
message to: we'll be happy to answer them.



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