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>6)What scenarios are going to be supplied with the box? and what about
>getting scenarios from the various playtests and demo's (or for that matter
>new ones and conversions of old classics like Apple Lane)

One of the things I keep meaning to do is dig out "The Garhound Contest"
and re-examine it as a Hero Wars Scenario - It is some time since I ran
it, and I may be fooling myself with the thought that it is all about
"competitions" but I think it would make quite a passable introductory
scenario. Has anyone else already done this?

>As a general comment the one thing that I do miss in these rules is any
>element of random character generation - HW looks like it will be great if
>you either know at the start exactly what your character is going to look
>like and can do (which genuine Gloranthan neophytes on the whole won't)or if
>you're happy playing one of a limited number of archetypes but I don't think
>I'm alone in seeing the way an interesting new character can spring up fully
>fleshed out of a few random dice rolls as one of the really magical elements
>of RuneQuest and Pendragon.

You can always use the Third Character Generation method, where you just
start off with the barest of minimums, and add skills, keywords and
abilities as you come up with them in play. This isn't quite the same
as "discovering" the character bequeathed you by the dice rolls, but
does allow you to play without knowing beforehand all the detailed
history of the character you are about to play...

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