Vadeli Infernalism

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Michael Moorcock took advandage of (abused) Celtic Reincarnation Idea to
Splitmania Desire (as many literatures: Isaac Asimov in his Galaxtic Empire
sunk to same hole because divided worldness still need concervative
as Concept of Eternal champion , Pop culture always has conflicted with
highly authorized cultural productions since Journalism Mouth was created by
mob observation.
One of his key concept Black Sword as Absurdity of life, and violence of
Life (masculinity, Penis symbol?)
Please think situation of most important character Elric of Melnibone in his
"Chronicles" and see Classic Suomi Kullervo in Kalevala or Turin Torambar in
Silmarillion of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
Tragedy: incestuous nature and commiting suicide by his own Blacksword for
his doom.

Tolkien and Moorcock
Moorcock's enmity to Tolkien Work is important to understand this state of
affairs: he criticized Hobbit characteristic as "Childish"

In Tolkienic Term of Silmarillion:
Nordoric wiseness as expressed in Feanor fashion against wisdom of El
Intrusion to Nordoric Intelligence it feuded with Wisdom still allured

In Genertela Book, Waertagi plot annihilence of Dormal Cult, (this enemies
inevitably crashing with Navy involving Vadeli) and their exploring to Lost
Brithos made old allies return to Surface World politics: please forget
Brithini caused Closing and most of Waertagi crashed by the Sideeffect of
Zzabur Magick.
  Vadeli " Atrocitiness" is their inheritance and maybe they must do evil as
their own obligation: historical ancient circumstances stated in Gods of
Glorantha description their insular conflict profited their enemy Brithini
(Gods of Glorantha: Cult Book)
IMO, this condition is made by absence of Blue Vadeli Noble, Red Soldier and
Brown Farmer
when Blue Vadeli returned to Glorantha, inner civic warfare reappeared in
Vadeli Domain in Hero Wars
(Platonic Caste System has great similarity to elder Indian Varna caste
institution: see "Nation")
How caste restrictions dominated races?

Friendship to Hrestol
(they helped his refuge when he was on the lam from Brithini sorcerers from
Seshnela to Sogolotha Manbrola: his "freedom sense" broke their eternal
concervativity and erupted
Vadeli tricksterness in Malkioni Area. Evil helped Justice.
If "Atheism" hints they never worship concept of Gods as Lord Of Terror
Vivamorti description...
If some Blue Vadeli used barbarians as their devotee (I think this condition
is very useful unless their" caste " restriction permits) and took fashioned
"False God" style of Brithini view. They can easily do indulgence with
fool's Power and energies. Diabolism and Satanism fashion in Modern

Reincarnation Egg
Please think about Aim of True Golden Horde and Cause of Dragonkill War.
Their quest was for Extinction of Dragonraces after EWF automatically
assassinated their own human leaders under order of Inhuman King and
"Minarian Memory Removal" (and Some Humanic Dragon Essence Salvaged as
Dragon Sun.)
IMO, Eggs of dragon nest are recycled for many uses of immature Dragonewts
as Space Shuttle of NASA
: My imagination made eggshell shape of Gas Tank like divided easily by
strong hand to two accurate domeshell.

True Golden Horde Generals involved many specialized Dragon Slayers and
Plotted their mythological stream swallowing Dragonpass area. But as many
cases of such heroquest, some fault made fatal and serious damage to this
plan, and True Dragons awakened from non-REM deep sleep.

Plutarch made many Gloranthan sources Alchebiades, Caesar, etc...


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