HW visits the Sun Dome?

From: MOB (mrmob@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Sun 26 Mar 2000 - 15:25:23 EEST

G'day all,

HW visits the Sun Dome

Only a few digests ago I said:
>I think you'll be waiting a very long time before HW visits the Sun Dome

and then Tim Ellis suggested:

>One of the things I keep meaning to do is dig out "The Garhound Contest"
>and re-examine it as a Hero Wars Scenario - It is some time since I ran
>it, and I may be fooling myself with the thought that it is all about
>"competitions" but I think it would make quite a passable introductory
>scenario. Has anyone else already done this?

By Jove, I think you're right! IMO he Garhound Contest (or something like
it) would make a fine opening scenario for HW, especially for beginners,
giving players the opportunity to see various skills and game mechanics in
action, but with an underlying mythical background so the players don't
just feel they're rolling dice... ...er, do you actually roll dice in HW?
This shows how much I know about the new game, so if anyone is to
convert/rewrite the Garhound Scenario sometime soon, it ain't gonna be me!
Another suggestion for an intro HW scenario could be my MGF adventure "Rune
Metal Jacket", which features regimental games.



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