From: David Cake (
Date: Sun 26 Mar 2000 - 16:24:03 EEST

>>Mystic strikes are very fast, powerful, 'all or nothing' powers, with
>>particularly devastating aftereffects. Attack Soul, on the other hand,
>>is really just ranged spirit combat, and is a slow, gradual attack
>>that actually does NOT have particularly devastating consequences.
>You may be right, but I wouldn't hang too much interpretation on the RQ3 game
>mechanic that Attack Soul uses.

        Its mechanic is obviously deliberately the same as spirit combat,
except for certain differences. So we don't try to replicate the RQ3 game
mechanics directly, we try to replicate the intent of the RQ3 mechanics -
which is that we treat it as we would a spirit combat, except where it is
        After all, while you don't hang to much on the RQ3 mechanics, take
it away and what do we have - two words. I'd rather hang stuff on the
mechanics than the name.
        FWIW I think Subere, most of whose magic revolves around summoning
and controlling darkness creatures, is probably animist in HW. The Attack
Soul probably becomes a special shamanic ability to attack at a distance.

        I'd also add again that mysticism is more complex than it might
first appear, and actually has a fairly specific meaning in Glorantha. I
think Subere probably has a mystic Secret, but its not a mystic cult by any



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