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<< Does anyone know, can anyone think of any source where a dragonewt's
 eyes are described? Are they any specific colour, shape, structure? >>

The Beast Rune is also known as the Dragon's Eye, according to RQ2, "and is
supposed to represent the armour plate over a dragon's eye"....." It is
thought to have originally been a dragonewt Rune, and its complexity would
indicate this."

I imagine that there are lots of different colours, that the pupil is shaped
like a three pointed star, and that it is otherwise similar to a lizard or
snake, possibly without eyelids. I have no other sources for this.

Just because I think it is funny I would like to pass on a friend of mine's
view of Dragonewt mouths. Based on a glance at the cover of RQ2 he thought
that Dragonewts had huge round mouths (actually, the heroines shield). In
view of some of the other weird things in GLorantha (imagine a "Nasobemepak")
this isn't that stupid (but it is still stupid).

Keith N


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