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Re: dragonewt eyes; spear vs sword

From: David Dunham (
Date: Sun 26 Mar 2000 - 23:03:58 EEST

Peter Metcalfe wrote

> Size and shape can been seen in a number of pictures of
> Dragonewts. The best is in the RQ3 rulebook (p253 or
> book 5 page 23).

> No information on colour, I'm afraid.

King of Dragon Pass has several illustrations of dragonewts -- the
easiest to get to is in the Background screen, under History :
Dragonkill War.

I don't remember giving art direction for dragonewt eyes, though the
newts themselves are all colors. I don't think there's a standard for
their eyes, either.

Wulf Corbett asked

> I have a question about one of the events which happened to me playing
> King of Dragon Pass. I can't remember the exact details, and, of
> course, it never happened again...
> Sometime, some group (Vingans?) approached the Clan Ring asking
> guidance on whether the use of Swords in combat instead of Spears
> would lessen the effectiveness of the Sword as a ceremonial item.
> Now, that suggested to me that the Clan (or at least that group of
> them within the Clan) didn't use Sword AT ALL - but I thought Sword
> was the Orlanthi weapon? Can anyone clear this up?
> 1) Who were they, and what were the details of that event?

Wow, I don't remember this at all. It sounds like it *should* be in
KoDP... (You're not thinking of the Black Spear, are you? That's all
that seems at all similar to me.)

> 2) Why didn't they use Sword?

KoDP clans are "sword clans" or "spear clans" depending on their main
deity (you'll notice different "we go raiding" illustrations). In a
tabletop game, I'd expect this to affect the clan's regalia, and
probably how the weaponthanes are armed.

In fact, spear is the Orlanthi weapon, in that it's the weapon most
Orlanthi use -- it's all they can afford to use.

The sword is Orlanth's weapon (it's what he uses to strike down the
Evil Emperor). But if you look at the Arming of Orlanth ritual
[KoS.79], Orlanth wears a sword, an axe, and carries a spear and two
javelins. So all are clearly appropriate for Orlanthi.

> 3) Is this a past event from the time of KoDP (not too long ago from
> HW time...) and PCs can all now use Sword, or should HW PCs also be
> using Spear if they're of that group (or worrying about it)?

I think Elmal is not a sword user, and if they're from an Elmali
clan, they help strengthen its magic by following its traditions.
This is as true in the Hero Wars era as in the recolonization era.

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