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Jane Williams:

>16??: Saga, "Argrath" marries the FHQ. Again. Either renewing the
>previous marriage, or this was a different Argrath.

I believe he married the Feathered Queen of the Kerofini Temple
whose predecessor Moirades married (at the time when Tarkalor
had married the FHQ). At this point, the Saga has people
criticizing Argrath for his bigamy which would be odd if he
was merely renewing a previous marriage or a different Argrath
was married.

This second marriage takes place during the invasion of Tarsh.
Argrath marrying the Queen of the Tarsh Exiles (as opposed to
the Queen of the Shaking Earth Temple) would be a more sensible
move than a renewal of vows with the FHQ.

>1634: According to CHDP "Prince Argrath" betrothed to the infant
>Queen of Holay. The Saga adds details of the courtship. Presumably
>this wasn't the same Argrath who was married to the FHQ?

Harald Smith talked one time about Argrath of Saird.

>1640: CHDP presented to "his lordship" at his upcoming wedding.
>Comparison with the Saga suggests that this was a wedding to the
>Queen of Holay, after a long courtship. Comparison with the FHQ list
>suggest that the bride was FHQ8. They seem to have shared wedding
>gifts, anyway!

I don't see any gifts in the wedding of FHQ8 save Voriof's Herd
and the Giant's Cauldron, neither which are mentioned in the
Saga. My opinion is that FHQ8 married Argrath before 1629 as
the next event in the Saga, Argrath fighting Harrek in the Holy
Country, is dated by Minaryth Blue's chronicle to 1629.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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