Taran mystics?

From: David Cake (dave@difference.com.au)
Date: Mon 27 Mar 2000 - 06:13:31 EEST

>> >>Any meeting with Tara is a mystical
>> >>event, although Taran mystics have low life expectancies.
>I don't think that they are Mystics keyword-wise.
>But : am I wrong ? I could definitely see a case for them having
>powers similar to those of physical mysticism. But maybe not. Hmmmm

        You can get a lot of physical powers from animism, too. And I think
it fits better - the mystics get their physical powers from training and
control over their bodies, I would think the Taran mystics get their
physical powers from allowing other powers (animal powers, wilderness
powers) to enter in their bodies (which is pretty close to spirit
integration, giving Talents). They are becoming not the peak of human

achievment like the martial artists, they are becoming true creatures of
the wild. They aren't, for example, seeing like a well trained human being,
but like a hawk.
        I'd probably go for animists with a mystic secret.
        Nice thread, guys. Sorry that this is just a rules heavy suggestion
not a real contribution to your discussion.



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