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Date: Mon 27 Mar 2000 - 07:46:35 EEST

Victor Lane wrote

> Does anyone own the book RuneQuest Cities? I'm thinking of buying it and
> I was wondering if it's a good book. Thanks.

I think it's great for various aspects of city encounters (but then I
wrote a tiny part of it).

BTW, it's essentially identical to the previous edition of Cities,
other than having RuneQuest in the title, and if I remember
correctly, prices redone.

HCarteau asked

> I keep hearing about a "King of Sartar" book and would like to get it. Any
> tips where I can buy it from ?

<> -- I'm sure Wizard's
Attic ships to France.

The book is a bit esoteric and obscure in parts, but it does have
quite a bit of useful material. It was a primary source for King of
Dragon Pass.

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