King of Sartar in French

From: Alexandre Lanciani (
Date: Mon 27 Mar 2000 - 12:29:38 EEST


> I keep hearing about a "King of Sartar" book and would like to
> get it. Any
> tips where I can buy it from ? It had better be on the net since
> I live in
> France. Thanks.

        King of Sartar was published in France (and in French) by Oriflam. Check
out their web page: they have a lot of things about RQ and other chaosium
games. You can follow the link from the Chaosium's homepage.

        Anyway since you live in France I think you will be able to buy it in your
favorite store (and in doing so you spread Glorantha's fame).

        An Alex who doesn't work for Oriflam.


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