"Le roi de Sartar", the french translation of KoS... in hardcover !

From: Christoph Kohring (ChOK@bluewin.ch)
Date: Mon 27 Mar 2000 - 12:08:23 EEST

> Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 14:51:18 EST
> From: HCarteau@aol.com
> Subject: Re : The Glorantha Digest V7 #477
> I keep hearing about a "King of Sartar" book and would like to get it. Any
> tips where I can buy it from ? It had better be on the net since I live in

> France. Thanks.

Oriflam translated it as "Le roi de Sartar" & it's still there on the
shelves of the gameshops. (I don't know if it is out-of-print but I still
see it in the shops...) As it is a book, you can also order it from any
bookshop. Greg Stafford is its author.

As for the english edition, Issaries has just reprinted it & you can get it
from Wizard's Attic by mail order. Go & see the products listing on
http://www.Glorantha.com . Of course, any bookshop in France can also order
it for you but it will take a long time & "ça va te coûter bonbon" !

Greg Stafford. "King of Sartar: The Mystery of Argrath; How One Man Became a
God. Chronicling the Conquest of Dragon Pass." Oakland, CA: Issaries, Inc.
(Chaosium, Inc.), 1992 (First ed. & first printing by Chaosium, later ones
nominally by Issaries). ISBN 1-929052-00-6. Chaosium Publication # 4500.
$ 19.95 .

Dare I say it's a great read even if at first many of us were puzzled &
infuriated by it ?!? It's like a good wine, it gets better as it gets
older... And there is this great typo on page 48, "The Startar Dynasty".
(Thanks Rick for the info.) The Kingdom of STARtar ! Yes !

"She Stars are right ! Why Choose the Lesser Argrath ? Kallyr Starbrow the
Liberatrix for Prince of STARtar !" Spread the meme !

Salut à tous les francophones du Digest !

Christoph Kohring, route de St-Légier 73, CH-1806 St-Légier VD, Suisse

Pro Glorantha saepe pro Orlanth semper !!! ;)


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