Chariots of Prax

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> Subject: Horses and Garhound
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> After their horses were exterminated during the Solitude of Testing, the
> Sun Domers adapted to their fate on foot.
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> but for a long while, the Count had
> to make do with burly neighing templars pulling his ceremonial chariot
> dressed up in old horse skins (dare I suggest it, did grooms follow behind
> making clip-clop sounds with coconut shells?)
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There is another possibility. The Count's chariot is not the only one
in Prax, contrary to widespread opinion. See Drastic: Prax; one of
the nomad tribes (Impala? I forget which) has chariot units. Now, Sun
Country was ruled by nomads (Mogul style) for quite a time. Was the
Count's chariot drawn by Prax herd beasts during that time? Are the
nomad charioteers descendents of the former rulers of Sun County?
What traditions do they have left from that time? What is their
attitude to present Sun County?

The reformation of Yelmalio worship, and the ending of The Solitude
of Testing must have caused some religious upheavals. Perhaps the
nomad charioteers retain some traditions from before the reformation.
I suggest they still have antipathy to all things dragonic, extending
to fear and distrust of imports from Dragon Pass. Sun Dragon cultists
would be pleased that the traditionalists were expelled, but do the
cultists know they survived?


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