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Date: Mon 27 Mar 2000 - 22:11:38 EEST

>Cian Dorr:
> My sworn enemy does an 'Issaries the Conciliator'
> hero quest, and suddenly I am willing to forget my
> determination to revenge his latest outrage; I turn
> up at his doorstep bearing gifts and asking to end
> the feud. How strange!
        I can agree with you that this is not the way something like this should
work. Having a quest change the perceptions and feelings of a tribe of
people dozens or hundreds of miles away is too much to ask or expect.

        On the other hand, if the ritual improved your ability to find common
ground, persuade, cajole, and compromise so that value is clearly
perceived by both groups, then the other party might be impressed that the
desire for improved relations or trade was worth the risk you took, and
they might come to the bargaining table in good faith.
        Sure, there is the hint of emotional abuse, but only if value is not
given for the value received. It is the miasma of fraudulent intent that
makes a done deal feel rancid.

> Who would agree to deal with a trader whose powers
> to convince one knew to be magically enhanced?
        Why are most trades and negotiations handled by the best people possible?
So that their skills will offset those of the opposition. Why do rich
people hire the most famous and influential lawyers? To try and get the
most favorable result... and this is in the real world. In general, you
can't refuse to deal, so you try to send the best person to balance the
skill of their best person.


>>Subject: Reincarnation Egg
>>Terra Incognita:
>> IMO, Eggs of dragon nest are recycled for many uses
>> of immature Dragonnewts
        Yes, the egg lasts as long as it takes the 'newt to evolve.

>Nils Weinander
>That's a very neat idea! Considering Dragonnewts as mystics,
>is the egg a piece of the eternal, changeless transcendent
        I have been swept up in the concept that the Dragon Egg is the actual
creature and that the Dragonnewt is a projected viewpoint for the egg to
perceive the world... like a conscious Dream Dragon. The egg gains
knowledge, experience, and perspective on the world, improving it's mystic

status until it transforms into the final dragon form. The number of
'newt bodies is unimportant, the time required is meaningless (especially
if the egg could ingest nutrition), and the only reason to care about the
death of an old body is to recover valuable properties and magics.
Priceless image, totally YGMV.

Bob Stancliff


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