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From: George W. Harris (
Date: Sun 26 Mar 2000 - 19:25:27 EEST

>Subject: Re : Dragonewts that never eat
>David Dunham
>>Do you happen to remember where he said/wrote this? I'd love to see
>>the full context (is there an earthly analog for a species that never
>>eats? I vaguely recall there is).
>Butterflies for one, although they are just one stage of the species.
>A bit like Dragonewts, I suppose.

        There is at least one species of invertebrate of which males never eat; in
fact they die before they're born. Each 'litter' consists of one male and
many females, and the male impregnates his sisters and dies while still in
the 'womb'.

        There are probably other examples where the male never eats.

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