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From: Wulf Corbett (
Date: Mon 27 Mar 2000 - 21:12:11 EEST

>From: David Dunham <>
>Subject: Re: dragonewt eyes; spear vs sword
>Wulf Corbett asked
>> I have a question about one of the events which happened to me playing
>> King of Dragon Pass. I can't remember the exact details, and, of
>> course, it never happened again...
>> Sometime, some group (Vingans?) approached the Clan Ring asking
>> guidance on whether the use of Swords in combat instead of Spears
>> would lessen the effectiveness of the Sword as a ceremonial item.

>Wow, I don't remember this at all. It sounds like it *should* be in
>KoDP... (You're not thinking of the Black Spear, are you? That's all
>that seems at all similar to me.)
It seemed reasonable you might not have seen this event, given the
wide, weird and wonderful set of events in KoDP, until I read your
e-mail address... Are you telling me I was mistaken? I'd accept that,
I'm not doubting you, but if I am it's a very persistent delusion (if
lacking a bit in detail...)! No, I don't remember any Black Spear (do
I want to?).
>> 2) Why didn't they use Sword?
>KoDP clans are "sword clans" or "spear clans" depending on their main
>deity (you'll notice different "we go raiding" illustrations).
Hadn't noticed that... nice detail... They don't have one for my
Triceratops HEAVY cavalry though :)
>In fact, spear is the Orlanthi weapon, in that it's the weapon most
>Orlanthi use -- it's all they can afford to use.
A firm fact for all low-tech societies... However, I was thinking that
the use of the sword would STRENGTHEN its power...
>> 3) Is this a past event from the time of KoDP (not too long ago from
>> HW time...) and PCs can all now use Sword, or should HW PCs also be
>> using Spear if they're of that group (or worrying about it)?
>I think Elmal is not a sword user, and if they're from an Elmali
>clan, they help strengthen its magic by following its traditions.
maybe it was them?


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