Mucking about with people's minds....

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Mon 27 Mar 2000 - 20:30:23 EEST

> Is Glorantha then a world in which people really don't care about
>these things? Or is there some way of squaring the prevalence of this
>of magic with the kind of attitude towards it which to me at least seems
>overwhelmingly natural?

I think part of the answer to this is that almost all magic in Glorantha
(and certainly most HeroQuesting) affects not individuals but
communities. One is not aware of one's own mind being changed but of the
general mood of a community changing. One can always maintain one's own
opinion against the spirit of the community but 'No-one can live alone'.

There are magics (the RQ3 Dominate spells for instance) that allow
direct mind-to-mind control of another and yes they are regarded as
abomination by all right thinking people. But I don't think they regard
the prayers the trader says before he starts negotiations as offensive

Perhaps one of the bad effects of becoming a Hero is that the average
person stops being real to you. Perhaps they become puppets whose
strings you pull in secret.

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Michael Cule


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