Mind Control "Magic"

From: Dan McCluskey (daniem@microsoft.com)
Date: Mon 27 Mar 2000 - 23:42:27 EEST

Cian Dorr:
>I can imagine nothing more alien to my modern Western mind than the
>psychology of a person who would not be concerned to learn that their
>feelings and actions were under the direct influence of the magic of

But that's Exactly what Advertising is in the RW... Gloranthans are no more
likely to avoid an Issaries trader with "mind control magic" than Americans
are to avoid TV with commercials. Some will care, but the vast majority of
folks will consider them Kooks at the very least. I can't see any
difference between buying Nike's to "be like Mike" and deciding to pay
weregeld because of a successful HeroQuest. Gloranthans know that magic
works, and deal with it. Just like we deal with Madison Avenue.



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