Lady of the Wild

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Date: Tue 28 Mar 2000 - 00:04:42 EEST

David Cake :

> >I don't think that they are Mystics keyword-wise.
> >But : am I wrong ? I could definitely see a case for them having
> >physical powers similar to those of physical mysticism.
> >But maybe not. Hmmmm

> You can get a lot of physical powers from animism, too. And I think
> it fits better - the mystics get their physical powers from training and
> control over their bodies, I would think the Taran mystics get their
> physical powers from allowing other powers (animal powers, wilderness
> powers) to enter in their bodies
> I'd probably go for animists with a mystic secret.

I've pointed out recently on-list that most religious cults will have a mystic
component (indeed, it's one of the four functions of religion, as pointed out
by J. Campbell, but probably not his original idea : description of reality,

basis of accepted morality, ritual life of the faithful (a very complex set
of notions, and not to be dismissed : basically their life cycles), and the
mystic life (whether charismatic, philosophical, intellectual, aesthetic,
transcendant, whatever). He suggests that ALL religions have these
components, in greater or lesser degrees, and in various balances (but
it's *always* useful to remember that JC was a roman catholic) (and I'm
mostly roman catholic myself, truth to tell : my long trek was a pilgrimage
to Santiago de Compostela).

BUT ; for a cult to be 'mystic', the mysticism of the religion must be
dominant. And this doesn't work with the LotW as far as I can see.

Instead, the essential focus of the cult will be on _rituals_ IMO.

I could go on at great length, but I basically think that the LotW
is a shamanic goddess. Certainly, she might have a stronger mystic

component than most ; moreso than Odayla *certainly*.

But I also think that the way to go would be to develop her as an exotic
shamanic tradition. Her devotees awaken no fetches, don't travel in
the Spirit Plane (at least, not explicitely), and don't confront a
'Bad Man' during their initiation rituals. It's not our fault that

RQ3 presented shamans in such a generic format, nor that 20th
century anthropology came up with 'shamanism' and 'animism' as
words and concepts to reduce the contents of many *thousands*
of other cultures into *two* ideas.

Still, I suppose the 2 ideas beat the single RC 'pagan' idea as a tool for
creating Gloranthan cults ...

Her devotees have spirit allies (AKA Wild Beasts) who don't live
in the Spirit World per se (and you can't believe How Much Trouble
I had convincing Steve Martin this was possible).

> Sorry that this is just a rules heavy suggestion
> not a real contribution to your discussion.

Rules-lite, Dave ; contribution-hevy ... :-)

Darvall :

> >Some of the Heortlings call her Kero Fin, if you don't like 'Tara'.
> Good point

Actually, I loathe the word 'Taran'.

Every time I need to use that concept, my fingers write 'devotee of the
Lady of the Wild', instead. Anyone know any other names/titles/keywords for her ?


Julian Lord


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