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The Glorantha Digest wrote:

> Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 00:25:14 -0500
> From: Cian Dorr <ciandorr@Princeton.EDU>
> Subject: Making peoples' minds up with magic
> way. My sworn enemy does an 'Issaries the Conciliator' heroquest, and
> suddenly I am willing to forget my determination to revenge his latest
> outrage; I turn up at his doorstep bearing gifts and asking to end the
> feud. How strange! If I found out that my change of heart was not after

> all due to myself, but rather to my enemy's trip to the God Plane, I must
> say I would be enraged, and would immediately resume the feud with
> redoubled ferocity. And if I didn't, those who knew me would have to
> conclude that I was no longer myself, but had been taken over like a
> puppet; if they were wise, they would lock me up and continue the feud,

I think that this varies from game to game but I think that any quest like that would
have to pull you into the God Plane as well. Your enemy goes on a quest to get
Issarries to mediate your feud and Issaries puts out a call for you to join. You can
resist and ignore the attempted mediation or you can go along on the quest and accept
Issaries' mediation. I do not think that the quest would work if you were not there
or if you went and refused to accept the terms.

> ''Runequest', from what I remember, is compatible my image of a world in

> which magic to affect peoples' minds is a rare thing, whose targets would
> certainly not be happy about it. On the other hand, what I have seen of
> 'Hero Quest' tends to go the other way: the devotees of trader gods run
> around performing the feats 'Convince buyer' and 'Convince seller', the
> devotees of gods having to do with leadership have feats for getting their
> way in negotiations, and so on.

I view "convince buyer" and other feats of like ilk to be more of enhancing your own
charisma and personality than affecting the target's mind. If you are a leader and
you use your leadership magic then your voice drops and gets more commanding. You
look more noble and more respectable.


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