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Date: Tue 28 Mar 2000 - 04:49:24 EEST

An interesting question, is it reasonable to believe that the Heortlings of
Sartar would resent anyone using theistic means to settle a feud or
establish a trade route, given that the result of the theistic worship is to
affect the behavior of someone who wasn't part of the worship service? Sure,
I suppose it's one excuse that ring members might use if they are opposed to
a reconciliation, or on the other side of things, to the declaration of a
new feud. But I also suspect that it is a rather overwrought argument. For
instance, does Cian refuse to buy any product that is advertised, since it
is apparent that the manufacturer of the product uses advertising to try to
sway his decision to buy? Do most women refuse to talk to guys who say
something funny, knowing as they do that guys practice saying funny things
so they can favorably impress women? Do most men refuse to talk to women who
wear makeup, knowing that the makeup presents an enhanced vision of reality
intended to favorably influence the psychology of viewing men? I'm certain
that sometimes people do react this way. I'm also certain that most people
realize that other people are out for their own selfish reasons, and the
only way to tell whether or not a deal is a good deal is to answer the
question, "do we both get what we want?" in the affirmative.

Nobody can make you do anything. If it's a fair deal, you can choose to let
yourself be persuaded to take it.


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