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>>>Subject: Reincarnation Egg
>>>Terra Incognita:
>>> IMO, Eggs of dragon nest are recycled for many uses
>>> of immature Dragonnewts
>Yes, the egg lasts as long as it takes the 'newt to evolve.

>>Nils Weinander
>>That's a very neat idea! Considering Dragonnewts as mystics,
>>is the egg a piece of the eternal, changeless transcendent
>I have been swept up in the concept that the Dragon Egg is the actual
>creature and that the Dragonnewt is a projected viewpoint for the egg to
>perceive the world... like a conscious Dream Dragon. The egg gains
>knowledge, experience, and perspective on the world, improving it's mystic
>status until it transforms into the final dragon form. The number of
'>newt bodies is unimportant, the time required is meaningless (especially
>if the egg could ingest nutrition), and the only reason to care about the
>death of an old body is to recover valuable properties and magics.
>Priceless image, totally YGMV.

Dragon Pantheon: Cosmic Dragon grasped Orxili and tore off six legs (IMO,
these are six aspects of chaos: void, entropy, hanger, gorp, evil,
seduction) and used his body as source of Cosmic Egg. Two Eggshells after
used became Inside & Outside.

Lord of Terror: Who is Gbaji?:
IMO, if Dara Happan Intervention to God Project is none, Osentalka became
Dragonewt or other Dragonraces (In RQ con2 documented)
: Pseudo Cosmic Egg (already some hints this condition) was discovered in
Ruby Harbor of Fildichi Ruin (I don't know where it is in Dorastor inland)
This Egg was World In World, Inside Chaos, Impossible, etc...

Subject: What is Dragonewt eatting? What is the shape of their Body?
 It's also my optional Idea, Many dragons are able to fly without Batlike
Wings: with their Magical Existence. If applied physics welcomed, they can
never fly.
Their Spiritual Evolution made their body varied: As Eastern RW dragon, some
dragons don't have Wings. Dragonewt who always is angry (or Spiritual need
urged him as so) have Blood-Red Eye. While who always be cool (cruel?) would
have pale blue color.
Some Dragonewts have Nuclear Electronic Battery in their body without Risk
of Explosion: some Dragonewts have digest system enable toeat Soil as Uz:
Noble Dragonewts eat only Caviars, Expensive Cheese, Matsutake for their
Spiritual Needs....

>Bonus silly question: is there a relationship between Hon-EEL, Jar-EEL and

In Fortunate Succession and Redline History:
Emperor Magnificus (First Changing Mask of TakenEgi: Red Emperor during
Sheng Seleris Invasion) he married with Doblian Woman and made with her
reincarnation of His Mother Rufelza: Hon Eel and her young brother (she
saved his life with abandoning herlife when Night of Horror with assistance
of Whiskered Dragon)
Eel Ariash Clan is also descendant of Magnificus (with another Woman?) and
relative of Hon Eel: Sor Eel and Jar Eel (with series of Magical
Environment)are members of this family.


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